Sunday 22 August 2021

 The Great Game in Afghanistan: Fraudulent Beginning - Fateful End

1. An extremely important thread on the Geopolitical Landscape: a Magnitude 10 Earthquake whose epicenter was in Kabul. One that has sent shockwaves across entire planet; in every Capital - challenging & threatening the New World Order & the Global Reset: Agenda 2030 up in smokes. Yes!

2. When the US Forces invaded Afghanistan - also romantically known as The Heart of Asia; in the year 2001, America had multiple Grand Strategic Objectives...

• Defense of Israel

• Direct Control of Strategic Global Resources 

• Destruction of Political Islam. 

• De-Nuclearization of Pakistan: leading to the defense of Israel.

• Encirclement of Russia. 

• Containment of China. 

• Control of global Trading Routes & Sea Lanes.

3. Around 1998, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) had written a Strategic Report aimed at creating strategies to  maintain global dominance of the US in the 21st century. The report was called: "Project for the New American Century (PNAC)" - which had outlined  measures that would ensure for the US to maintain its dominant role in the 21st century.

Accordingly events of 9/11 were conceptualized, articulated & executed as the perfect "pearl harbor" - the US needed to launch this (so called) war-on-terror: to accomplish its Grand Strategic Objectives. 

4. So, US was NOT in Afghanistan to catch Bin Laden - period... 

A established base in the "Heart of Asia" served to fortify all those grand strategic objectives.

After the British Empire destroyed the Ottoman Caliphate (now Turkey) in 1923, they had vowed; never to allow rise of Political Islam again...

Accordingly rise of Talibans in Afghanistan posed a direct threat to their Project for the 21st Century. 

5. Philosopher & Poet (of the East) Dr. Muhammad Iqbal had the farsighted vision to write in 1920, when Communism was on the rise in the East  as a direct threat to Capitalist Order in the West (this was presented as such for next 70 years). However, (Iqbal wrote) for the Western Civilization,  real threat will always come from the Islamic Civilization - from Political Islam & NOT Communism.

He was right!

6. Invasion of Afghanistan - using the fraudulent events of 9/11 as pretext and after dealing with the "threat" of Political Islam, the

CIA/MI6/Mossad got to work immediately - initially on their own, later they  subcontracted RAW/NDS/Saudi/Egyptian/UAE Intelligence Services on a singular Project: to destabilize Nuclear Armed Pakistan with the objective that by 2015 Pakistan will cease to exist as a single established State...

7. America's Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), British MI6, Israel's Mossad & India's RAW, after establishing their

occupation in Afghanistan; created the deadliest terror outfits: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Afghanistan & launched this group and others as well, like BLA & BNA; against Pakistan. 

Over the next few years nearly 100 - 200,000 Pakistanis lost their lives - while countless others were maimed or wounded besides more than 150 billion USD were lost in Pakistan's economy due to this secret CIA/MI6/Mossad/NDS/RAW sponsored terror attacks on Pakistan.

8. US presence in Afghanistan had removed the "threat" of Political Islam & they were now well on their way to dismember & dismantle Pakistan - as per their own timeline: 2015. 

Simultaneously, presence of US Forces in Afghanistan had blocked Russian access to the "Heart of Asia" & were well poised to block any Chinese adventure towards: One-Belt-One-Road(OBOR) projects and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) type trade routes across Asia.

9. Indians & Israelis were having a dream ride under the US umbrella removal of their common mortal enemy: Pakistan - the Only Nuclear Armed Islamic state on the planet.

The grand strategy of invading & establishing an operational base in "the Heart of Asia" Afghanistan: seemed to work very well for a while - especially as Pakistan bled profusely under the secret, sustained often ferocious onslaughts of multiple terror outfits created, funded, trained and launched from across Pakistan's western borders. 

10. Despite the broad perception around the world - primarily created by the malicious disinformation and propaganda campaigns against Pakistan; the established fact is that Pakistan did NOT support the Afghan Taliban...

Quite the contrary,

Pakistan remained the strongest frontline Non-NATO Ally of the US led occupation force in Afghanistan, formally allowing nearly a million containers of weapons, logistics & other heavy military supplies through its ports, its lands & its air bridges in support of the US & NATO forces in Afghanistan while suffering deep divisions among its own populace & the destruction beyond repair of the country's infrastructure.

11. By the year 2007, Pakistan was surely and steadily on it's way towards dismemberment. Gen Musharraf, the then President of Pakistan was removed through a Pentagon sponsored, CIA/MI6/Mossad orchestrated regime change movement & a CIA asset Asif  Zardari was installed as the President & another CIA asset Hussain Haqqani was installed as Pakistan's Ambassador to the  US in Washington DC.

12. Pakistan and Pakistan's mighty Armed Forces was effectively losing the secret war against CIA/MI6/Mossad/NDS/RAW backed terror outfits created, funded, trained and launched from Afghanistan. Even a serving Lieutenant General was killed right outside the  gates of the well protected & fortified Army GHQ in Rawalpindi - in a suicide bombing attack. Headquarters of the globally acclaimed Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) all over the country were bombed. Army GHQ itself was attacked & almost taken over...

Those were very  bad days for Pakistan...

13. By 2008, the then DG ISI General Shuja Pasha had figured out the CIA/MI6/Mossad/RAW/NDS game plan and had begun conceptualizing &  building the counter strategy and thus the push back began in earnest by mid-2008.

Every echelon of the Pakistan Armed Forces began its historically most large scale high intensity military operations both within the major cities of Pakistan and across the country to reclaim lost territory.

14. It was a long, gruesome 4-year blooby battle: by 2012  Pakistan's Armed Forces had successfully reclaimed all the lost territory from CIA/MI6/Mossad/RAW/NDS backed terrorists assets; who were by then fully operational from US & NATO controlled Afghanistan. 

Even so this brutal, and bloody war-of- terror could not be stopped till today as the paid & trained assets & mercenaries were protected in Afghan sanctuaries by CIA/MI6/Mossad/NDS/RAW.

15. Once the security situation in Pakistan began to improve, China swiftly moved in to counter the US & NATO's strategic objectives & launched its own Economic & Trade Corridors through Pakistan which US & NATO were trying to scuttle. OBOR & CPEC Projects were launched in Pakistan. 

By this time, it was clear that the CIA/MI6/Mossad's 2015 plan to dismember Pakistan & dismantle Pakistan nuclear weapons program had failed miserably. 

16. By the end of 2015, Afghan Taliban had also emerged as a strong, very disciplined, more potent & with more capacity  for strategic resistance to the US & NATO occupation forces in Afghanistan. US by now was also suffering from deep "imperial overstretch" - exhausted; having taken both economic & human losses in the now well known graveyard of the empires.

The tide had turned in favor of "Haq against Baatil"

17. Pakistan's Armed Forces fought gallantly - sometimes suffering heavy losses; ONLY to protect itself within its own borders against terrorists: created, funded, trained and launched by its OWN allies who were occupying Afghanistan.

Ironic yet a factual narrative!

Afghan Taliban did NOT receive a single container of weapons, armaments or supplies from Pakistan in the last 20 years. They ambushed, snatched and also received weapons and armaments from ANA/US/NATO/India/Iran/Russia and fought a tactically brilliant guerrilla warfare and strategically patient battle on all fronts.

18. In the end, it was the Afghan Taliban who won the war in an honorable & fair fight against the combined might of 57 flags: US, Britain, NATO and all the other nameless allied forces.

The Talibans were NOT helped by any other country in this long-drawn strategic battle for independence from foreign occupation forces.

US President Biden squarely blamed the defeat on the collapse of the Afghan National Army (ANA) - whom they created, they funded, they equipped & they trained. A defeated President Biden while acknowledging the defeat of the US & NATO forces in Afghanistan did not lay the blame on  Pakistan or on any other country.

19. Now what? why is the world screaming & demonizing a band of resoundingly brave & viciously free people who led a truly genuine freedom fight to liberate their own land- locked poorest country on this planet against foreign occupation? Why are they such a threat to the big global powers?

For any reflective & critically thinking reader; this is the crucial next phase of the jigsaw puzzle to understand & grasp.

20. Surely, the Global Powers are not screaming in pain & fear for their concern for human rights in Afghanistan or  the rights of the Afghan women... That's a big hogwash to say the least...

The Taliban victory in Afghanistan is a direct & existential threat to the Zionist's plans towards Globalization and the New world order - the Global Reset (Agenda 2030); which they are unfolding right now under the false flag cover of Covid-19 Global Plan-demic.

21. The idea of Political Islam is reborn: an idea the Western Civilization had hoped would stay in the Museums of history. Political Islam now has a country and an operating base of its own. The ultimate nightmare for the Globalists have come true. More so; when these people (the Talibans of Afghanistan) have (historically) defeated the British Colonists, the Communist Ideology & now Capitalist Order:  their power centers  politically ravaged in the last 4 decades. 

This is simply a geopolitical and geostrategic miracle. Nothing else can justify this victory accept by reference to a Gift from the Divine 

22. Imagine this...

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is NOT going to follow the Covid protocols. It will show the world that Covid is not only a fraud but that its no threat at all. 

No masks, no social distancing, no quarantines, no lockdowns, no vaccinations...& still NO Covid.

These guys will destroy the entire COVID propaganda campaign of the Globalist cabal.

23. Once a truly Independent Islamic Government is formed anywhere in the world, it becomes a magnet for other Muslim countries in the region & movements around the world to attempt to copy the Taliban model. 

The Afghan Jihad of the 80's triggered the Intifadas of Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya & Algeria. 

Same may happen again from this Taliban victory. 

24. One may understand the resistance, pushback & attacks by US, EU, India & Israel but the most severe resistance & animosity to this poor Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will come from Saudi Arabia, the UAE & Egypt...the three most petrified countries - terrified by the idea of Political Islam taking over power as a model & getting a foothold. under the current Global Order. 

25. And just to let one ponder a bit  more...

Afghan Jihad of the 80's & the Taliban resistance & ultimate victory of today in Afghanistan: are the only Muslim Resistance Movements in the last 200 years that have actually succeeded in driving out foreign occupation forces: returning victorious from the battlefield.

Truly a romantic moment in human history!!

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