Sunday, 8 July 2018

The United States "New York Times" shocked the contrast, causing a sensation in the White House high-rise!

       Thomas Friedman, a famous columnist of the New York Times, wrote an article titled "The Seven Years of China and the United States". It was published in The New York Times and shocked the White House!
       He wrote: "When I sat in the seat of a Chinese stadium and enjoyed the magical performances of thousands of Chinese dancers, drummers, singers, and acrobats on stilts, I could not but recall the past seven years. Different experiences in the United States and China: China has been busy with various infrastructure projects, and we are busy dealing with al-Qaeda (terrorists); they have been building better stadiums, subways, airports, roads and parks, and we have been In the construction of better metal detectors, Hummer military vehicles and drones...
       Differences have begun to show. You can compare the dirty old LaGuardia Airport in New York and the beautifully shaped international airport in Shanghai. When you drive to Manhattan, you will find out how dilapidated the infrastructure is along the way. Experience Shanghai's maglev train at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour. It uses electromagnetic propulsion instead of ordinary steel wheels and tracks. You have already arrived in Shanghai. Then ask yourself: Who is living in a third world country?

Friday, 27 April 2018

The Ancient Subterranean City of Nushabad: Why Were People Living Underground?

The Ancient Subterranean City of Nushabad: Why Were People Living Underground?

When you wander the tunnels of the underground city of Nushabad you are tracing your way back from modern day Iran to ancient history. The walls echo with the memories of the Sassanian period and perhaps even its predecessors. Refuge, tourist site, and fascinating archaeological site – Nushabad enthralls its visitors.
Nushabad (known also as Ouyi) is a city located in Isfahan, a province in the center of Iran. This city is famed for its remarkable complex of underground tunnels and chambers. Due to this, the city is known also as the ‘Underground City’.

Inside the underground city of Nushabad, Iran.

Inside the underground city of Nushabad, Iran. (Friendly Iran Travel Agency)